Sunday, September 5, 2010


The ENTRANCE of Maasi Maga Thirthavari


This shows a series of BAND people who welcome the THANGA THER of GOD and GODDESS


This depicts the Traditional KARAGAATTAM performance to welcome the KING, GOD and GODDESS


This shows a stage where famous personalities give their devotional songs performance for the Thiruvizha.


This depicts the area near the seashore where various GODS AND GODDESSES have assembled for the MAGAM. The King of the town has also come for the Thriruvizha which is also shown in the picture


This picture shows the THANGA THER OORVALAM of the Goddess Kamakshi during Maasi Magam in the streets of a town !

A full view of the Golu- MAASI MAGA THIRUVIZHA

This picture depicts the full view of the MAASI MAGAM festival. We have seen the THEERTHA VAARI's of various Gods from Seashore.

Single window complex

This is my navarathri photo of the year 2008. I have portrayed the theme of Single Window complex where all facilities are made available within a single colony. It has student's park, Hospital, Medical College, Engineering College and various facilities inside a single city wherein 1000's of people dwell. On seeing the richness of the colony, there comes a terrorist who tries to attack the colony which is also being depicted in the scene.